Finding A Cure For Paralysis

We’re on our way
to finding a cure
for paralysis…
won’t you join us?

Every year, hundreds of our dedicated volunteers and supporters come together in a series of community-wide fundraising events, bringing hope and help to individuals suffering from spinal cord injuries while helping advance research towards a cure.

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Kevin Kitchnefsky

The Kevin Kitchnefsky Foundation
for Spinal Cord Research:
how it all began...

Facing an Unexpected Challenge

In 1996, a construction accident involving 2,700 lbs. of chain-link fence pinned Kevin Kitchnefsky against a tractor-trailer. The fencing broke several vertebrae, damaged his spinal cord, and resulted in paralysis from the chest down.

After the crisis stage of his injury subsided, Kevin returned home to Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, and began thinking about the future. His initial move was to reach out to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation to see how he could help.

Finding a New Direction

With family and friends at his side, Kevin set out to raise funds for research into a cure for paralysis brought on by spinal cord injury. He held his first Golf Tournament in 1999.

Connecting with Strong Allies

“At that first Golf Tournament, I met Senator Ray Musto,” recalls Kevin. “He loved the event and became a firm supporter of our cause. Senator Musto suggested that I form my own organization to raise funds for research and to help local people with spinal cord injuries get medical assistance, transportation and equipment. So, with patient assistance from Senator Musto and Representative Sandra Major, we tackled the legal process of creating a new foundation.”